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Friday, July 16, 2010

Blasted Blog Buttons!


I am here today to RANT! For days, literally, I have been trying to create a button for my blog, “The Red Sweater.” I have followed all manner of formulae, copied and pasted numerous codes, followed all instruction to the letter, and every time, I get a button with text beneath it, but NO IMAGE. Arrgghh.

Is it me? Is it my MacBook? I am a intelligent woman who is good problem solver, but this has be totally addled, baffled and just plain pissed of. I finally resorted to commissioning someone to make a button for me.

The Button Exprt, however, is on vacation for the month of July, so I am on a waiting list for her assistance when she returns in August.

Now it’s time to get over it, let it go. I’m still cranky, but I’m going to stop torturing myself about this. I should have started working on a button months ago. If I had, would I have one today?

See you in August when I proudly display my very own blog button! (I hope).


  1. I understand your frustration. I don't have a blog button but have been afraid to try frankly. I did figure out how to number my comments and that was enough for me right now.

  2. Ladies, I'm a baby still trying to do basics. I've haven't done what either one of you have done. the Help on blogger doesn't help, so not worrying about this. just enjoying the blogging and will get better. Good luck. have a good day.

  3. @Rose and Linda - I agree. No more fretting over this! I'm ditsy enough without making myself more crazy! Will let you know if I have any luck.............cj

  4. I can't make buttons either! I just get someone to do it for me...sigh...


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